Certified AI Consultant: AI Persona Method

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Certified AI Consultant: AI Persona Method

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Become an In-Demand AI Consultant with the AI Persona Method Certification

Learn how to leverage the power of AI to your digital marketing strategies and provide exceptional results to your clients.

Course content

videoAI Persona Method Introduction [ Join the Facebook Group ] Start
videoOfficial Certified AI Consultants FB Group Start
video[Template] AI Consultant AI Persona Start
videoSetting up your "AI Consultant AI Persona"15 m 6 s Start
videoBuilding Authority though Content Marketing20 m 57 s Start
video50 AI Consultant Lead Magnet Ideas Start
videoCreating Your Own Lead Magnet23 m 9 s Start
video[Templates] 2 Canva Lead Magnets: "Marketing + AI Checklist: 7 Ways to Transform Your Marketing" Checklist "The Impact of AI on Content Marketing"5 m 51 s Start
video[Template] Sales Letter to the readers Start
videoLead Magnet Follow-Up: Already written Sales Letters to Readers9 m Start
videoWhat to Offer and How to Price Your AI Consulting11 m 32 s Start
videoLanding page copy variation Start
videoAI Consulting Landing Page Copy Variations8 m 44 s Start
video[Template] AI Strategy Call Discovery Form Field Start
video[Template] AI Consulting Onboarding Email Start
videoAI Consulting Client Onboarding12 m 7 s Start
video[Template] AI Persona Builder Form Start
videoAI Strategy Session Questions Start
videoAI Strategy Session Questions & Checklist18 m 1 s Start
videoStep-By-Step AI Strategy Session [Placeholder] Start
videoAI Strategy Call Session #1: Online Coach/Therapist1 h 44 m 33 s Start
videoAI Consulting: Crafting, Pricing, and Winning Strategies1 h 28 m 26 s Start
videoLIVE Workshop: AI Strategy Sessions & Getting The Testimonial1 h 17 m 32 s Start
videoTest Time: Certified AI Consultant2 m 13 s Start

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Jeff J Hunter

Jeff J Hunter

AI Persona Method Founder

Course Instructor

Jeff J Hunter is a highly accomplished entrepreneur and former Fortune 500 project manager with over a decade of experience in the tech industry. He has built massive teams, managed complex projects, and achieved remarkable results for his clients. Jeff is known as a master of leverage, always finding new and innovative ways to save time, increase productivity, and maximize ROI. Now, with the infusion of AI, Jeff's leverage skills have taken on a whole new dimension. He has developed the AI Persona Method, an innovative approach to using AI to understand and engage with target audiences, create personalized marketing strategies, and deliver highly targeted content. Through his extensive experience and expertise in AI, Jeff has become a leading authority on the topic, sought after by businesses and organizations around the world. He is passionate about helping others leverage AI to achieve their goals and stay ahead of the competition.
(4 Reviews)
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